Present your idea !

[ Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. -Eleanor Roosevelt ]

Everybody has a unique mind. People have different life-experiences. All have their own share of goof-ups. Life has taught them sometimes different lessons and other times similar lessons in different ways. When I talk to people, I realize one thing: though they may have different interests or are from different backgrounds, all of them have ideas, which they are convinced with. It may be a crude idea which needs polishing, a too early idea whose time hasn’t come and all sorts of ideas.

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The First Blog Post !

I created my first web-site in year 2011 in my niche, SAP ERP, being an SAP consultant. Later on, I migrated my web-site to Blogger, Google’s blogging platform for the reasons discussed at length in the About Me section.

If you don’t know about some of the terms like Blogger, WordPress, etc. used in this article, it’s perfectly fine. This web-site doesn’t require any previous knowledge. This article is just to set the stage for the upcoming learning material.

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