… from meaningfulness to Meaninglessness?

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The traveller said, “Words, especially their apt use, speak volumes about their subject. I tried to see what happens when I come across a word. The first impression that forms in my mind is that of a tangible something… something measurable and meaningful.”

He stopped in the village for the night. Somebody told him about the sage so he curiously came to visit him. Probably he thought it was the best way to spend his evening. Or that was the best use of his time he could make, a businessman after all, he was.

It was a serene place at the outskirts of this distant village. He was now part of a gathering the sage was addressing. It seemed to be ending soon as the darkness was slowly engulfing the surroundings. Now the people were asking questions.

Being a stranger, it took him some time to gather courage, to ask this question and he continued, “As I was listening to you, my mind was trying to work the same way. But the moment I formed an idea, drew some meaning out of it, the next moment, you shattered it. Whatever I heard today doesn’t fit into my perception. I am totally confused. Can you help me?”

Laughed the sage and started speaking, “If I do the same thing, to let your mind work the same way and let you make a concept out of everything, then I have failed. I am into a different business… to bring you to the border of mind which you have always avoided. You labelled everything beyond this border sometimes as illogical… meaningless and other times as unscientific. May be, because words just fail, all mental pictures vanish and nothing, you have been taught and learnt, applies. Suddenly you are caught unaware of this new situation where you are nothing but aware… of what?… nothing… just aware!”

“And then, your logical mind starts functioning again. You try to understand it, you try to attach a meaning to it. You try to come back within your border and you come back. But that leaves you confused. You have seen something which you are unable to express and doesn’t fit into your perception as you said. I know what I am telling you will further confuse you but thats what I am here for. The world has given you certain amount of certainty, I am here to rob you of it.” He laughs again. It was difficult to understand whether he really meant everything or the entire thing was a joke!

“Whatever is precious in life can never be expressed… can never be proved… Volumes of literature have been written, much has been said and it’s still the same way.” Twinkling his eyes playfully, he speaks ahead, “Look at my tragedy, words are all I have, to take you beyond them.”

“Now it’s my turn to ask questions.” … a brief pause… “Can you ever express love? Can you prove love? Can you express happiness? Are not love and happiness the expression in themselves… without uttering a word? Think. Think. But don’t be in a hurry to find answers!” He winds up and the gathering disperses.

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