Blogging for Nobody?

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Magnets… I was always awed by their mysterious power! I found them fascinating in my childhood and till day they have not lost their charm. Do you share a similar experience? We tend to call everything, that is attractive, MAGNETIC. Magnetic eyes… magnetic personality… and so on… As a blogger, you want to attract readers like a magnet. I am going to discuss about one way to achieve it for WordPress bloggers. And here is the clue: I wrote this post in response to today’s one word prompt: MAGNET. Known as Daily Prompt, it is a challenge from WordPress Daily Post, a’s initiative to help WordPress bloggers find audience.

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Blogs and Blogging

I am filled with amazement to see people committed to blogging across so many areas, and I mean it. I plan to go for an outing and, I bump into a travel blog. I think of buying something, and I land up on a product review blog. There are numerous examples pretty much covering everything under the sun and many are helpful and insightful. I am sure you share somewhat similar experience. According to one source, 2.7 million posts are published everyday and that was in 2016.

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E-book: Your Guide to Blogging & Creating Websites

Well… It gives me immense pleasure, with a sense of relief, announcing that my small-time pet project, this e-book ‘Your Guide to Blogging & Creating Websites’ came to conclusion and everything is complete now. Though I aimed it for absolute beginners but it can serve the purpose of a reference book on WordPress resources, so may be helpful for others too who have a personal blog and are already blogging for quite some time. The e-book is available now. You can sign up and get the download link in your Inbox.

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… from meaningfulness to Meaninglessness?

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The traveller said, “Words, especially their apt use, speak volumes about their subject. I tried to see what happens when I come across a word. The first impression that forms in my mind is that of a tangible something… something measurable and meaningful.”

He stopped in the village for the night. Somebody told him about the sage so he curiously came to visit him. Probably he thought it was the best way to spend his evening. Or that was the best use of his time he could make, a businessman after all, he was.

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